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Guide Selection

1. Any AWD who requires a Guide to participate in 2023 Boston (UK) Marathon event is permitted to run with one (1) Guide.

2. It is the athlete's responsibility to select a Guide who can perform all Guide responsibilities at the athlete's goal pace.

3. It is strongly recommended that an athlete selects a Guide with whom he/she regularly trains.

4. In limited situations, an athlete may be permitted to register two (2) Guides, who run in relay fashion, where the athlete is accompanied by one (1) Guide at a time on the event course. If two (2) Guides are used, the exchange must take place at nominated Exchange Stations located at the half way point of the event course (Half or Full Marathon).

5. If an athlete’s disability necessitates more than one (1) Guide, the athlete may email the explanation, including specific details about each Guide’s role on race day, to

Guide Registration Procedures

This is the process to follow for an athlete who needs a Guide to participate in the 2023 Boston (UK) Marathon events. To request to register a Guide, the athlete must email with the following information.

* The nature of the athlete’s disability,

* An explanation as to why the athlete needs a Guide,

* The first and last name of the Guide, and email address

* The Guide must be copied on the email sent to

 The deadline for submitting a request to register a Guide for the 16th April 2023 event is 19th March 2023 BMA will send an invitation to register directly to the Guide. The deadline for the Guide to complete the registration process is 1st April 2023

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