We have no restrictions on charity, which means you can choose and raise money for your choice of charity.


If you don't have a preferred choice, we would recommend two local charities; Pilgrim Hospital League of Friends or Butterfly Hospice. Visit their sites by clicking the images below.

We are also affiliated with Run Britan who have a comprehensive list of charities for runners who are fundraising. Visit their run for charity page, select a charity and then navigate to 15th April 2018 to find the Boston Marathon race you have entered. Click on any image bellow to go there.

Fundraising Stories

2019 Fundraising Stories

Lynsey Ballans' Fundraising Story

I’m supporting Sarcoma UK, the only cancer charity in the UK focused on all types of sarcoma. Sarcoma is a cancer of the bone and soft tissue. It is one of the hardest to diagnose, and difficult to treat. We can help change this. By donating to my page, you will fund vital research projects looking for better treatments. Your donation will also raise awareness of the symptoms of sarcoma to help patients get an early diagnosis, and ensure everyone has access to specialist advice. Thank you for your support.


Chris Harrison was over the moon that we refunded his entry fee for being the 1000th entry in our 2019 event. Here he shares his Boston Marathon story so far along with his year of running challenge for Cancer Research UK

The Boston race in 2018 was my first half marathon after I started to run again in 2017 after many years off, the organisation was top class, the volunteers were amazing and the support for such a rural race along the way was a massive boost. So 12 months on it was an easy choice to run my first marathon at the 2019 Boston race.

During 2019 I have set myself the goal of running 1,200 miles and to raise funds for Cancer Research UK which is a charity close to my heart. I started this in January and this will really push me to my limits, but is nothing compared to all the people being diagnosed with and battling cancer each year.

I have started a blog to document my journey and the highs and lows: https://chrisharrison4.wixsite.com/website

My Just Giving page is: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/cjharrison

Paula Gabbitass is running her second Boston UK Marathon. This year she's running with her friend Kate Lewis and they are raising funds for Headway - the brain injury association

Glyn Sparks

"I’m running @bostonukmaraton @LondonMarathon swimming @Great_Swim Windermere plus @Great_Run in September along with @RoyalParksHalf I’m raising money for @TeamVerrico please support me"

Dean Haylett is running to raise funds for the Brain Tumour Charity in memory of his brother Andrew.

My Brother Andrew died in 2005 from a brain tumour when he was only 40. It was so unfair for him, at a time when he was living life to the full with his partner and young family.  He is still and will always be missed by his family and friends.  Andrew achieved many things in his life and would have done so much more had his life not been so cruelly shortened.  His brain tumour was very aggressive and he died in less than a year after being diagnosed. 

Last year and this year I ran a half marathon. For 2019 my ambition is to run my first ever full marathon.  I know this will not be easy, I like a challenge and with your support, I will be raising money that will go to a really good cause and motivate me for all those miles ahead of me.


"Shortly before I lost Dave in May 2018, we were talking about the London marathon and getting someone to run it for ASTRiiD. I told him I'd walk the Boston UK marathon instead"

joanne Self Shutt's.jpg
Read Joanne Self Shutt's full story on her Just Giving Page

Read Beth Teft's fundraising story on her Go Fund me Page

I've never ran before so I'm jumping in at the deep end with this 5k. I'm determined to run in memory of my mum but raise money for a charity so close to my heart.

Please visit my site

2018 Fundraising Stories
Amy Bergmann is walking the Boston UK Marathon raising fund for two charities close to her heart.

At first when my friend and fellow Sunflower colleague Claire said “let’s do the marathon” I laughed. I’m really NOT the fittest! But then the idea was in our heads, we are both slightly bonkers so I thought why not!? 

I’ve decided to collect for two charities, my first is for Prostate cancer, this is a charity close to our hearts as a close friend is currently bravely battling this at the moment.

The second is for Make a wish, and I will be proudly walking this marathon in Frankie Joe’s memory, we were lucky enough to share some time with him whilst he attended Sunflower Lodge Pre- school  Frankie was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, doctors reported that his abilities would be severely limited, but it did not stop a beaming smile that could light up a room!

People’s support means the world to claire and I, any donations received, no matter how small will make an amazing difference to people’s lives.

Thank you so much, and wish us luck!!!

Dads Story
Andrew Stubbs is fundraising for The Lincolnshire And Nottinghamshire
Air Ambulance Charitable Trust

I am writing this in memory of my Dad Ken Stubbs

Over recent years Dad had fought and beaten  cancer of the esophagus  and had been Courageously   fighting  many other health problem  before he sadly lost his final battle on 6th April 2018.

A few months ago I entered both the Boston and Sleaford half marathons but after injury, illness and work commitments had seriously hampered training I had decided to pull out.

However in memory of special loving, caring Husband, Dad and Grandad, I am now determined to complete both races no matter how long it takes, as I want to raise as much money as possible for the Notts and Lincs air ambulance, which is one of the charities that Dad supported.

If anyone could sponsor me for this no matter how small or large your donation  in memory of a fantastic Dad I would be extremely grateful.



Visit Andrew''s 

Sarah-Jane's Kicking Cancer's Butt next challenge

2 half marathons in 2 days and other half marathon for Cancer Research UK because I want to try to make a difference and help

I have lost friends and family members through this horrible disease and since my own diagnosis I try to set myself a challenge every year to try to raise awareness and money for this amazing cause and to make my own life have some meaning. 

I have done sky dives, bungee jumps and the shine walking marathon to help raise money so my next target is to run 2 half marathons in 2 days and then hopefully secure my place in the London Marathon in 2018.

Saturday 2nd September saw me race at Bedford and then Sunday 3rd September at Northampton completing 2 half marathons in 2 days.

I then also decided that I would race 12 half marathons in 12 weeks which I finished on 16th December 2017.

My next challenge was to run a marathon in April 2018. Unfortunately I didn’t get a ballot or charity place at London which I was extremely disappointed with so I decided to run closer to home. April 15th will see me (hopefully) complete my first marathon at Boston Lincolnshire with my best friend Vicki. We have both been training hard for our first marathon and both picked up little niggles but we are still going.

Cancer doesn't care who it effects, age, race, gender or back ground and everyone deserves a life.

If you feel you can support me I would really appreciate any help you can give so I can hopefully reach my target. 

Visit Sarah Jane's

Hi, I'm Peter and I run a cat themed retail business in York.  York has a lot of "homeless people", many of whom are just work-shy beggars preying on tourists.  I'd rather give my time, energy and money to a charity that offers practical help to genuinely homeless people.  Centrepoint Outreach does just that, offering support and assistance to allow homeless people to take control of their lives and improve their lot. 
I'll also declare a family interest and say that my sister is Chief Executive of Centrepoint Outreach and she has kindly secured me a last minute place for this run.  I'm passionate about Centrepoint Outreach because I get to hear of some of the amazing work that they do, helping the homeless in Boston.  If you can, pease help me to help their work.  

Visit Peter's fundraising page

Peter Hanson is Running the Boston UK Half Marathon to Help the Homeless off the Streets for Good

Emma Cook

It’s that time of year again...this year, to raise funds for Papworth in memory of my buddy Greg, I will be attempting to finish my first ever half marathon. While this feat scares the bejesus out of me, I know how much it would mean to my wonderful friend Stacey and hers and Greg’s beautiful babies Bills & Bells. Stacey’s fundraising efforts are always amazing and I want to help add a bit to the pot. Especially now The Greg Mustill Patient Fund has been set up at Royal Papworth Hospital. This will see monies purposefully spent on patients enduring long stays at the hospital while receiving treatment. Something Greg always wanted to be a part of. 

I’m not the best runner and it doesn’t come easy. Training in the Winter is also tough but I know that getting sponsors will keep me going and motivate me to make a success of this. So I would be massively grateful for any kind of donation you could give towards this most wonderful cause. Thank you so much xx

Visit Emma's

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for the past three years and let me tell you it was not easy getting this diagnosis.

Vicki Drake

My symptoms first started when I was a teenager and got overlooked and passed  off as something else, so it wasn't until fifteen years later and lots of doctors visits that someone finally understood what i was going through and I got my diagnosis from the hospital .

I now find that there is a lot more understanding for this condition and its many symptoms,  my first symptoms started off as chronic fatigue ,  constant flu like symptoms,memory fog and wide spread pain these progressively got worse and New problems arose which include depression, anxiety,panic attacks, urinary problems, itching, allodynia, vitamin d deficiency which is common thing with firbro suffers restless leg syndrome, muscle spasms, migraines, numbness, burning sensations across all my body joint pain dizziness and nausea, imsomnia,  ibs ,slurred speech difficulty pronouncing words and reading which effects my confidence ,,sensitivity to odours, temperature, noise, light ,hairloss ,im sure I've missed  load but at least there is a insight what me and others go through. 

Now I know this sounds like I am a Debbie downer but I'M NOT I try my hardest not to let this condition define me  , even though it tries its hardest . Now you may be thinking why would I ever choose to put my body through the stress and strain of running a marathon , like I said this condition will not beat me and this is a way of showing myself that and as well my symptoms may get worse and then I may not be able to run any more but at the moment I CAN AND I WILL . 

No two cases of fibromyalgia are the same that is why it is so hard to diagnose and this is also why I choose this charity to help bring awareness to people and to help when they do get there diagnosis.

Well that's it I know it was long winded but thanks for taking the time to read it.

Vicki x 

Carl Jennings's fundraising story

I am running only my second marathon, I only wanted to run one, but I need to train hard to speed up by 20 minutes to do it in under 4 hours. That's a lot of time just running and requires a lot of training too. Doing it for charity helps find those extra miles. My best friend and her wonderful son appreciate the support of NAS in raising awareness of Autism and so your donations will be a great thank you to the charity as well as enabling the growing need for necessary additional support to be met. 

Claire Hall's Fundraising Story
Weʼre raising £2,500 to St John's Nursing home, Boston, Lincs.

Claire Hall

St John's Nursing Home

St Johns nursing home , cares for people that most care homes in Boston can't cope with, due the the challenging nature of their type of dementia.

My Mum was placed here in August 2017. She's 64 and has had the illness since she was 50.

Most of the residents at St John's have no family or visitors; it's fair to say they have 'nothing', other than the carers and staff that work here. It's very sad situation for all involved.

St John's has been in administration for over two years; whilst the home runs and functions; there is no money for the residents 'comforts'. I repeat ... most of them have nothing and no-one.

This is why myself and carers from St John's are taking part in the 'Boston Marathon 2018' and this is why, we are are asking for your help and donations.

All money donated will be for the residents 'comforts'; comforts being . . . a day out, entertainment, christmas, birthdays and other fun activities- 'comforts' we all have and take for granted.

Vist Claire's fundraising page
Carl is running the Boston UK half marathon

In 2018 I am running the Boston UK half marathon for Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Lincolnshire East Branch because I like animals and the RSPCA do a great job

I started running last year, mostly through boredom but also as a way of shedding a bit of weight. I had never been a fan of any kind of exercise, and I thought running would be one of those things I tried for a week and then gave up on.  But to my surprise, upon starting a "Couch to 5k" programme, I found I really enjoyed it.


Over the last year I've been running a few times a week, gradually getting better and increasing my distance. But I still haven't taken part in an organised event. It's time for that to change!  

Honestly I don't really have a time related goal. I'd just like to finish the race. For me, that would be a big accomplishment and I'll be proud of myself even if I finish dead last. 

The RSPCA do a lot of fantastic work and I hope I can raise a little bit of money to help their great cause.

Visit Carl's
Boston United Sports College - Team Fun Run Challenge
Fundraising for The Butterfly Hospice Trust & the Boston United Community Foundation 

3 teams of 9 students will be running the 5K Fun Run at the Boston Marathon on Sunday 15th April. That's equivalent to 3 marathons.! Their entry fee has been paid by Boston Seeds so that all the funds raised can go to their chosen charities. 

Visit their 
Bob's Boston Half Marathon Challenge

Half Marathon Run in PPE & BA

I will be running the Boston Half Marathon on 15th April whilst wearing my fire fighting kit (PPE) as well as wearing breathing apparatus (BA) on my back. (I will be wearing trainers though!!!) 

Bob Green in full kit
I'm a retained fire fighter for Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service. I like a challenge and as I run to keep fit I thought I would combine the two and help raise funds for two charities that provide a fantastic service. Any donations received by sponsorship of my run will be split equally between them.

The first Charity is my local New Life Centre in  Spilsby. It is part of the ground level network of Churches and it's senior Pastors are Richard & Sally Osmond. They have been part of Spilsby for the last 8 years. Youth work to mental health support, food bank to counselling and debt management to children's services are just some of the areas they cover at the centre. Without the support and generosity of the community this would not be possible.

I will also split any money received with The Fire Fighters Charity they offer a full package of support tailored to the needs of fire fighters, support staff and their dependents. Helpline and rehab centers help fire fighters get back on their feet after injury, illness, trauma and problems in their lives. "We keep fire fighters fit, healthy and happy so they can continue saving lives."
Visit Bob's fundraising page by clicking on this image .......

James Gleeson

James is running our half marathon to raise money for terminally ill children and their families.

Sarah Clarke

Weʼre raising £500 to help raise funds to finish the Hawthorn Tree nursery building

On April the 15th I am taking part in running the Boston UK Marathon, yes a full 26 miles. Mad I Know but I'm doing it all for a good cause. My son's nursery, Hawthorn Tree has been trying to raise funds to finish their new building, to give the children a better and bigger place. So far they have raised enough to build the outer shell but unfortunately that's it.

So this is where I come in, getting blisters, nails falling off, being emotional and all the other symptoms of training for a marathon. All I ask is for people just to sponsor me.

Raising money for a special family

Kimberley Pittam


As most of you are aware I will be running the Boston Marathon on April 15th. The training is well under way and I am beginning to think I am slightly mad!!! 

Here’s where I would like everyone’s support....... As some of you may know Lewis Smith is a fifteen year old local boy who has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Lewis was first diagnosed with cancer at the ages of 8. Lewis had an operation on his leg  and had to have his leg amputated. He also had chemotherapy which led to him missing a lot of school. 

In August, Lewis thought the cancer was back, but this time in his elbow. His mum took him to the doctors and scans confirmed that he had a tumour. 

Lewis is an amazingly strong boy who keeps fighting this awful disease. He is currently spending a lot of time in Queens Medical Centre having operations and  receiving chemotherapy. I would like to raise as much money as possible for the Nottingham Hospital Charity Fund and for Lewis for when he has finished his treatment to enjoy a day out with his family.

Please could you all find a small amount to sponsor me to help Lewis on his journey.

Many thanks


Kevin Briggs' story

This April I will be running my second marathon in Boston. Although I am not fundraising, I am running in memory of Alex, a very brave young man that fought hard, but sadly lost his battle with cancer. I was lucky enough to meet Alex a couple of times while running with his mum and step dad Steve.
Steve is doing 12in12 challenge raising money for clic, where he is running a marathon or ultra each month for the next 12 months. I will be running the Liverpool rnr marathon with Steve this May. If you would like to support me and clic the link for Steves page is below. 
If your in Boston I'll be running for Alex and wearing this too. 


 I will be running the half marathon Boston raising money for LINCS and NOTTS Air Ambulance Service x

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