Information for Spectators

Runners in all three events will really appreciate spectator support. 
Could we ask spectators to kindly avoid driving, cycling and standing on the course. The 26.2 mile, full marathon route meanders through the town, it’s outskirts and very rural, agricultural land and much of it is on very narrow country lanes. Because the marathon route cannot be crossed we recommend spectators approach the lanes from roads branching off the A52 and park on these approach roads before they meet the route.

We will continue to mitigate some of the remaining risk from Covid. if this changes then please follow Government guidance and your own instinct for self-preservation. We ask you to respect the separate areas marked for participants and spectators/supporters.

You can view the whole course map here:

We have made 6 suggestions for viewing areas with good vantage points. Take a look at the list and use the What 3 Words to navigate to the sites.

Here's some really useful tips for Marathon Spectators - feeling comfortable on the day and keeping the spirits of the runners high: