Boston Marathon (UK) 19th April 2020 Information for Runners

Event Start Points: Boston Market Place PE21 6NN

Event Finish Point: Boston College PE21 6JF

Start Times.  Full Marathon 9:00am

                          Half Marathon 9.15am

                          Fun Run 9:30am

Open From: 7:00 am

Please Note

Boston College, 1 Skirbeck Rd, Boston PE21 6JF has limited car park places. Alternative parking in town car parks indicated on the map - £1.20 Sunday parking fee.

Please join us at the welcome meeting on the evening before the marathon. You will have the opportunity to meet the organisers and other runners and ask any last minute questions. Runners from overseas and any one who has notified non receipt of race packs (including numbers), can collect their race packs on this night instead of at the start the next morning.  Lots of town parking available.



Welcome to the 2020 Boston Marathon.

The following information is to help you enjoy the day and remain safe on the flattest marathon course in the country!

Registration. You do NOT have to register on arrival. Once the event is started, going through the start arch with a race chip registers your presence and starts your personal timing. There is a race control in the Market Place to resolve any difficulty such as non-arrival or loss of the race pack.


Parking Boston Market Place is a pedestrian precinct and is closed to traffic from 8am to 9:30am. Limited Car parking at the college (first come first served), additional car parks adjacent to the Market Place (Sunday charges apply)The start point is 5-10 minutes from the college or designated alternative car parks, so please arrive by 08.30 at the latest.


Traffic in the College Campus. A one way circuit will be established in the College. All drivers are to comply with the 10mph speed limit through the campus.


Route. A copy of the route is attached with a map of the town car parks. We recommend you head for the Boston College where there is a good number of free parking spaces, and also a team to direct you to the nearest ones when this is full. The route map is also available for download on our website The three events share mostly common routes.


Start. A single start point is used for all three events. Please ensure you are in the correct group at the correct time. Listen out to the PA announcements.


Route Deviations. The Fun Run turns right off of the Full Marathon route after 1.66 miles, and re-joins it a further mile on. The turning is well signposted and a traffic marshal present.

After 4 miles, shortly after the second drinks station the Full Marathon branches to the left, whilst the Half Marathon continues through Butterwick turns right at the Five Bells Inn. Half a mile later the Half Marathon re-joins the Full route, which will meander 13+ miles to reach the same point.


Distances. The Marathon and Half Marathon are certified by AUKCM as correct for the events, and the licence to that effect issued by UKA is available on the website.

The Fun Run is not certified by AUKCM and is measured at 5.26 Km on MapOmeter.


Route Marking. The route is well marked with signs and additional on road markings, in BLUE (Full Marathon); RED (Half Marathon) and GREEN (Fun Run). (Your number uses the same colour scheme). Marshals are located at each junction where turns are made.


Toilet Facilities. Toilets are available at the car parks, start and finish points, and at regular intervals on the course.


Medical Facilities. There are medical first aid facilities at the control, with mobile facilities (ambulances) on the course. There are a number of first aid trained personnel on the course. The marathon has a dedicated emergency radio net accessible directly at each water station and through the marshalls and outriders on the course.

Water. Only still water will be provided at drink stations, in 330ml bottles with sports tops.

Please throw used bottles (and any other litter) into the ‘wheelie’ bins located short distances from the water points.


Personal sound systems. The course is open to traffic, so please do not wear earphones; only bone conduction headphones are permitted under UKA rules


Presentations. You will be presented with your medal as you go through the finish arch. Please then collect your T-shirt & goody bag at the adjacent baggage collection point (and any baggage you may have deposited). Make sure you have your medal and number to claim your T-shirt!


WINNERS! If you are declared a winner please remain for an additional presentation and photo at the rostrum also adjacent to the finish arch.


Showers. Showers are available at the swimming pool/ Leisure centre beyond the finish. Follow the direction signs or ask a marshal for directions.


Meet and Greet For entrants in the Boston area on Saturday evening before the events there is a Meet and Greet session in the New England Hotel, Wide Bargate PE21 6SH from 6pm to 8pm. See our Facebook page for details. Members of the organising association will be present to assist or answer any questions. Collection of race packs for overseas runners will be available there, or at the control centre on Sunday


Bag drop, storage and collection. There is a bag drop facility at the college from 7pm on Sunday, and in the Market Place from 8pm. Bags dropped at the Market Place will be transported to the college bag drop for collection. All bags must be marked with the runner’s number. A tear off bag label is printed on the race number.

Whilst we will take every care of your property we cannot be liable for loss or damage.


Elite Runners. Previous winners of this or similar events may claim ‘Elite Runner’ status, which permits them to be placed at the front of the starting point. Those wishing to claim this status are to contact the organisers at least 3 days before the event. This does not give any timing advantage, as every runner has an electronic timing chip which activates personal timing by passing through the start and finish points.


Supporters and Spectators. Supporters are most welcome at the event, particularly at the start and finish area, and the recommended viewing points on the route. If you wish to visit any of the remote parts of the course by car please follow the directions and parking restrictions. Access to the route should only be from the A52 Boston – Skegness road. Remember there are three events using the course.


Runners are urged to ask their supporters not to take vehicles onto the course, and under no circumstances are they to follow or otherwise accompany runners in any form of wheeled vehicle (cars, cycles etc). Runners may be liable to disqualification if the action of their supporters causes danger or obstruction to other runners or organisers.


Catering Facilities. The Boston College has a catering school with an excellent reputation, which will provide a variety of food on the day. In addition the town centre around the Market Place also has good selection of catering establishments. The town centre shops open from 10am.

© Boston Marathon UK 2017

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