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Shea Leigh -personal statement


I have a huge passion for fitness and healthy lifestyles and can often be found enjoying the outdoors with my four children - I even train my eldest son who is a British competitive runner. I have always been part of my local community and before becoming a PT I joined many gyms, but felt like something was missing for me. I have always supported my wife’s career by being a stay at home dad, but I felt I wanted to make something of myself and do something more than what you can get in just a regular gym.


I gained my qualifications in Sports Nutrition and Personal Training and now I’m a fully insured, registered exercise professional. It is my aim to bring fitness and a love for healthy lifestyles to you - in your home, in the great outdoors, at your local parks - in groups, or one-to-one

I started this enterprise business because I want to help people. I know from experience that fitness can be a daunting task and many people are put off by gyms that are full of experienced fitness goers. I wanted to reach out to those people who need a bit more support and wish to get healthy at a slower pace, or for people who want to train and push themselves further than their current gym membership is allowing them to. I tailor each programme to each person, or group of people who have similar goals in mind, to ensure I can get you the best outcomes that you are capable of - all at an affordable price. 

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