Process of entering the Boston Marathon UK


  1.  Read all about it! 

  2. Compare with other marathons on websites and social media

  3. Discover that Boston Marathon is the flattest in UK with the Friendliest Marshalls who really care to welcome you to the town and villages

  4. Make the decision to be part of it!

  5. Go on line to the Boston Marathon website, and read about the options

  6. Then choose:  can you be ready for the Full Marathon (26.219 miles) or (from 17 years and up) the Half Marathon (13.1 miles.)  Or as a taster (from 11 years and up) the Boston Fun Run of 3 miles (5000 metres).

  7. Go to the relevant booking area link on the website and fill in the form.  Have your bank payment card ready.  If you are a member of an affiliated running club you can pay the reduced entry fee.

  8. You will receive an email confirming your entry.  If you do not receive one, contact customer services; details on the website. (It may be that your e-mail address has not been recorded accurately)

  9. Now relax; but not for long!  Time to start training in earnest!  You want to achieve your Personal Best (BP) time!

  10. Start planning the day. 

    1. How will you travel?  You need to arrive between 7:30 and 8:30am having parked and perhaps walked the 5 minutes to the Market Square.  Parking facilities are on the website and with the joining instructions,

    2. Will you stay overnight before the race?  There are links to accommodation providers in the area on the website.

  11. Keep an eye on your email; Boston Marathon will pass any new information via the Full On Sport system.

  12. After the closing date and at least a week before the marathon you will receive joining instructions by first class mail,  These include

    1. Your running number

    2. Your chip timing device (attached to your number)

    3. A baggage label printed with your race number to attach to your ‘bag drop’ item.

    4. Joining instructions.

    5. If you have not received your race pack within 3 days of the race drop us an email advising us of your name and number (your number can be found on the Full On Sport participants list for the  race you entered) to

    6. Join us at the MEET N GREET held at the Boston Stump Cafe 6pm on the evening before the race to meet the organisers and other runners. This is an opportunity for runners from overseas, or any non receipt of postal race packs, to collect collect their numbers. Check the Diary Dates page for the date.

  13. On the day, arrive in good time.  The College car park now has very limited parking due to new building construction. Follow the race car park signs in the town (only a few minutes drive away).

  14. You can use the bag drop at the college, or in the Market Place. Make sure it is labelled with your run number

  15. Make your way to the Market Place in good time to prepare for the run. 

    1. Identify your starting point (Full Marathon 9.00 am, Half Marathon 9.15 am, or Fun Run 9.30am)

    2. Use the portable loo in good time

    3. Drop your bag at the baggage drop.  It will be transported to the pickup point at the end.

    4. If you have a problem with your joining instructions please contact us before the event if possible;  we can then have any replacement ready for you to pick up from the Market Place.  Some spares, along with safety pins, will be available if required.

 16. There is no requirement to register on the day.  The electronic tab records you as you            pass through the starting archway, and also starts your personal timing.  The clock                shows how long the race has been going, not your time.

17.   Enjoy the run!  At the end your finisher’s medal will be presented to you at the finishing         point. Please then collect your shirt and goodie bag , whilst still wearing your race                 number, from the collection room. You will be directed to it, only a few paces away.

18.  If you are in the first three of your category, please wait in the vicinity (within hearing of         the PA system) for the winner’s presentation.  This may take a few minutes to allow the         computer to verify the results.

19.  Use our marathon back drop for a selfie opportunity.Share your selfie photos on our               social media sites.

20.  Shower facilities are available at the adjoining sports hall.

21.   Have a safe journey home! 


       The full results and individual timings will be available on the website probably                       before you get there!

© Boston Marathon UK 2017

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