Boston's 2020 Marathon will start with a bang

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From November 2019, an ambitious year-long commemoration will mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s pioneering voyage, telling the story of a ship and its passengers - a group of people that a remarkable 30million+ US citizens have descended from.

To read about Boston's involvement in the Pilgrim's story 

To continue Boston's commemorations of the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower setting sail to America the "Boston UK Mayflower 400 Marathon" will start with a bang!
Runners taking part start arriving as early as 7:00/7:30 and it's business as usual until 8:30 when a re-enactment of the Separatist being led through the Market Place to St. Botolph's Church ( Boston Stump ) and then back, precedes the firing of the cannon "Thor" to start the races.
Spectators and runners will find a number of coffee shops nearby serving breakfasts from 7:00 - Boston Stump coffee shop, Shodfriars Coffee Shop Fydell House coffee shop. Spectators can linger in the town before taking a stroll over to the Boston College UK finish line to experience the lively atmosphere as runners reach the home straight and cross the finish line.(NB spectators are advised to find town parking)
Adjacent to the finish line will be the #johnbrightsregimentoffoot 's Living History Displays Camp where re-enactors will be demonstrating the life and times of the Pilgrim Fathers' era.


This September BOSTON UK MAYFLOWER 400 MARATHON will complement a 2 day event organised by the Boston Borough Council.
On the weekend of 12th/13th September the Borough are staging an event titled ‘ Threads to America’ to celebrate Boston’s ties to America. Held in Central Park and free to attend, the event will feature live entertainment, activities, information and more.The marathon routes pass the Central Park gates entry road just after exiting the Market Square. Sunday's events will start with a bang; following a reenactment of the Pilgrim Fathers being escorted from jail, canon fire will start the races from 9 am.