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Water Stations can win £100
Junction Marshals can win £50

Runners are asked to vote for their favourite water station and junction marshal at the finish line


We have 13 water stations on the course and runners sure do welcome the sight of a happy team of marshals cheering them on.


We have introduced a competition, in good spirit, to give marshals something back for their time and enthusiasm. Marshals could consider a dressing up theme, playing music, shouting words of encouragement, even try a little humour on signs. Check out marathon spectator signs on Google for some inspiration.


Tell us what your dressing up/entertainment theme is. We will compile a list of water stations and junction marshals who have entered along with their theme and ask runners to tick a box for their favourite.

Email the information to:

Or message us from the "Volunteer Boston Marathon Group Chat Page"

Here is the link to that page, make sure you "LIKE" the page first then send the message.

Please note because part of the course is covered by both full and half marathon runners a ratio is added to the total number of votes for each water station to make the number fair.


The prize money is presented at a volunteer sweep up meeting where volunteers also  receive their t-shirt and medal and offer feedback to the organisers.

Check out the Volunteer Chat Page on facebook
you can ask questions from previous marshals. 

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